Limited Offer for Patients

Save money on your dental care. Special price & discount for patients participating in training operations.
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What problems can tooth implantation solve?

Single tooth missing. In this case there is no need to remove the neighbor teeth nerves and turn-process these neighbor teeth for tooth crown attachment
A few teeth missing in a row. Tooth implantation provides a possibility to place a stationary dental prosthesis instead of a removable dental prosthesis.
All teeth missing

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Tooth Implantation History

In 1965 professor Ingvar Branemark was a head of research group at the University of Goteborg (Sweden) and his studies finally resulted in osteo-integration discovery (titanium prosthesis integration into tissue). Branemarks researches were aimed at jaw bone healing and regeneration after injury. The most remarkable thing about this is that osteo-integration phenomenon was discovered accidentally.

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We invite dental clinics and doctors to cooperation. You will be able to offer your clients services of dental implantation even if you don't have the required experience and resources now. The following forms of cooperation are possible:
Operations carrying out by ""specialists in your clinics
teaching your doctors dental implantation on the basis of "" training center
your clinic plenipotentiary participation in "" project

Special offer for corporate clients

"" dental clinics chain invites you to cooperation.

Our clinics provide a full range of dental services at the highest level. We can provide you with preventive treatment (teeth filling, gums treatment, aesthetic restorations, veneers, professional hygiene measures), surgical intervention (teeth removal, teeth saving operations, parodontosis and periodontitis surgical treatment, cyst removal, etc.), orthopaedic help (prosthetics with metal-ceramic and metal-free ceramic crowns, removable prosthetics, teeth buildup techniques), orthodontic treatment (bite correction and incorrectly growing teeth, braces). Our doctors' big experience in treatment with the help of implants (the degree of operations complexity is from the simplest to the most labour-consuming including bone grafting for implants placement) and aesthetic dentistry (creating snow-white, "Hollywood" smile). In a word, it is the European level of any task complexity solution.

Technical equipment of the clinics is performed according to international standards of quality, in compliance with all SES regulations and requirements. All the clinics have their own X-ray room (including the ones for "panorama" images); spacious rooms with Swiss, American or German make units.

The cost of dental services in"" clinics is comparable to the average. The services quality is confirmed by the doctors' international certificates and diplomas and, most important, by our patients' excellent responses. Our staff are candidates and doctors of sciences, doctors with international degrees and titles, experts in all the areas of dental science. Implant treatment is performed by the specialists who underwent training in Sweden, USA and South Korea.

Our clinics have an opportunity to offer you and your employees different variants of dental help.

Currently the most convenient commercial offer is "50?50" program which allows you to realize a social dental programme for you and your employees at minimal cost.

This corporate programme suggests the following procedure: your company's employees are provided with high quality dental help in our clinics, where we, in our turn, give serious accounts for the whole period of treatment (from 10% to 25% depending on the general number of employees under treatment). The pay for the works is fulfilled according to "50?50" plan, where 50% is paid by your company (thus providing your employees' social programme), and 50% of the cost is paid by the employee himself or herself.

Such kind of an offer can be individually designed for you and your company. It is possible to discuss "70?30" or "20?80" programs, depending on the number of employees and suggested volume of treatment. The variants of discounts offered can also be discussed individually.
Besides, "" clinics are happy to offer you some other variants of cooperation, e.g. the possibility of dynamic patients serving within the money boundaries agreed on beforehand. That is, the contract signed for the staff members servicing according to "Preventive dentistry" programme implies a whole year therapeutic provision according to a fixed cost. Let us suppose a year servicing of 1000 $ per person will include a full range of measures on teeth filling plus preventive procedures. Such plans are possible in Preventive dentistry, Prosthetics, Implant treatment, etc.

Making up a whole package of services is also possible.

We will carefully consider all your wishes and offer you different variants of servicing!
On the questions of corporate service please apply to E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it or on the phone 638-09-77


In the context of its expansion, "" clinics chain on a competitive basis invites dentists of different specializations, doctors' assistants, dental technicians and administrators.

Human Resource service tel.: 8-901-534-35-84


There is a continuous intake of dentists into groups where they can gain more knowledge on implantology. The following topics are considered:

1. Basic course in implantology
2. Surgical aspects of implantology
3. Orthopaedic aspects of implantology
4. Advanced implantology
1. Osseoplastic operations
2. Directed tissues regeneration with single-step implants placement

On the question of training please apply to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it