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What problems can tooth implantation solve?

Single tooth missing. In this case there is no need to remove the neighbor teeth nerves and turn-process these neighbor teeth for tooth crown attachment
A few teeth missing in a row. Tooth implantation provides a possibility to place a stationary dental prosthesis instead of a removable dental prosthesis.
All teeth missing

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Tooth Implantation History

In 1965 professor Ingvar Branemark was a head of research group at the University of Goteborg (Sweden) and his studies finally resulted in osteo-integration discovery (titanium prosthesis integration into tissue). Branemarks researches were aimed at jaw bone healing and regeneration after injury. The most remarkable thing about this is that osteo-integration phenomenon was discovered accidentally.

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The Dental Implant Takes Root

10 acute questions.

What is an implant?

An implant is a titanium structure integrated into the bone and serving as a support for a future crown or prosthesis.

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Sinus lifting

sinus-liftingIn this article we are going to consider the questions arising while planning implantation on the upper jaw in the area of chewing teeth. The upper jaw is hollow inside, this cavity is called the maxillary sinus, it is covered with mucous tunic from the inside (the inflammation of this tunic, by the way, is called maxillary sinusitis).

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Teeth panorama

An orthopantomograph (which is also called a pantomograph or panorama X-ray apparatus) is a device for X-ray filming of the jaw area of the head. Unlike a usual X-ray, orthopantomograph has a rotating element. With its help a panorama image of all teeth, maxillofacial joints, nasal cavities and skull bones can be made. Such an image is necessary before any complex teeth prosthetics, including implantation.

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What needs to be known about implants

An implant is a screw-like titanium support for an artificial tooth crown or a removable denture...

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How to save on teeth treatment and prosthetic appliance

Today the problem of missing teeth is acute for more than 80% of the Russian people. Modern dentistry offers several solutions for this problem...

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Computed tomography

For the last 15-20 years dentistry as a science has made a great progress in its development. It is especially true of its new section - implantology. The development of implantology has lead to a qualitatively new level of dentition function and aesthetics restoration. Up to the moment the procedure of implant placement has become as simple as possible. Today implants can be placed anywhere and as many as you wish, except for the cases when there are contraindications.

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Implants Become Cheaper!

There are different ways to cover the gap in place of a missing tooth: to install a removable denture or a "bridge" (the neighbouring teeth are ground and covered with crowns), to apply to adhesive technique (a tooth is stuck to its neighbours), and, finally, to integrate an implant (a titanium screw is introduced into the jaw bone).

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Complex smile rehabilitation

1. The teeth view before treatment. Darkened gum around ceramic-metal crowns. Multiple caries, teeth missing in lateral parts, canals inadequate filling, teeth with a changed colour:

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