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What problems can tooth implantation solve?

Single tooth missing. In this case there is no need to remove the neighbor teeth nerves and turn-process these neighbor teeth for tooth crown attachment
A few teeth missing in a row. Tooth implantation provides a possibility to place a stationary dental prosthesis instead of a removable dental prosthesis.
All teeth missing

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Tooth Implantation History

In 1965 professor Ingvar Branemark was a head of research group at the University of Goteborg (Sweden) and his studies finally resulted in osteo-integration discovery (titanium prosthesis integration into tissue). Branemarks researches were aimed at jaw bone healing and regeneration after injury. The most remarkable thing about this is that osteo-integration phenomenon was discovered accidentally.

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It isn't difficult to understand that you have periodontitis - sharp local pain in the tooth area makes it impossible to touch it; besides, you are frightened to do that; the tooth becomes mobile, and there is an impression that the tooth "has grown". The pain grows when taking warm and hot food and passes off from cold one, the gum and often the lip and the cheek swell, the body temperature rises.

If it has come up to that, that's a pity, it is really periodontitis.

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A filling or an inlay? Find 10 differences

Surely many of you have had the following problem: some part of the dinner or supper left between teeth. And all of us solved differently. Some pulled the food debris with a matchstick, or a paperclip, others with a toothpick or a dental floss (if these objects were at hand), and some even with a plastic bag. After such procedures most of us had our gums bleeding and pains of different character. What do we do in such a case? Naturally, we run to the mirror to see what has happened. To our surprise, we find nothing there. The tooth is as white as the other, only a piece of a sausage left after the breakfast stuck between the tooth and the adjacent one.

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