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What problems can tooth implantation solve?

Single tooth missing. In this case there is no need to remove the neighbor teeth nerves and turn-process these neighbor teeth for tooth crown attachment
A few teeth missing in a row. Tooth implantation provides a possibility to place a stationary dental prosthesis instead of a removable dental prosthesis.
All teeth missing

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Tooth Implantation History

In 1965 professor Ingvar Branemark was a head of research group at the University of Goteborg (Sweden) and his studies finally resulted in osteo-integration discovery (titanium prosthesis integration into tissue). Branemarks researches were aimed at jaw bone healing and regeneration after injury. The most remarkable thing about this is that osteo-integration phenomenon was discovered accidentally.

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The Centre of Problematic Dentistry ""


Licence ? ??-77-01-002176 January 12, 2010..

About of clinic Central Clinic in Moscow


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Technical equipment:

General purpose equipment:

  • own fire and warning alarm systems
  • video surveillance system
  • militia alarm button system
  • 3 degrees of ventilation (air conditioning in rooms, general compulsory influx-and-extract ventilation, visitors' areas air conditioning system)
  • new hidden water supply system
  • internal computer network
  • Infodent patients' registration system (more than 2500 persons in the database)

Dental purpose equipment:

  • laser for apparatus dental bleaching
  • laser for surgical and paradontic operations
  • IMPLANT ASSISTANT system of three-dimensional modeling of osseoplastic operations and implantations
  • 4 units of A DEC Performer3 (USA)
  • Dental furniture (Italy)
  • 4 ???? compressors
  • 4 Cattani pumps (Italy)
  • Trophi Pan digital orthopantomograph (France)
  • Trophi digital radiovisiograph (France)
  • 2 autoclaves, 4 TAU hotdryers
  • physiodispenser
  • 2 Piezon units
  • other dental equipment
  • all the equipment is owned


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38, Andropov Avenue, Kolomenskaya metro station, Moscow
?el.: (495) 638-0737


"" Dental Clinics

All of our clinics are provided with state-of-the-art dental equipment, latest medicines and materials which enable the doctors to solve both standard and complex patients' problems.
A separate specially equipped implantation centre is created within the network of "" dental clinics belonging to the project. This centre operates patients having applied to the dental clinics of the project. It is provided with expensive dental equipment which helps to minimize the risk of implant rejection after its introduction into the patient's bone.

Highly-qualified specialists of different profiles work for our clinics: an orthopedist, an orthodontist, an osseoplastic surgeon and an implantologist surgeon. Their cooperation guarantees treatment and prostheses appliance even in complicated cases, such as the lack of the bone tissue, for example.

All the specialists of our clinics regularly improve their professional skills by doing professional training courses and taking part in seminars and symposiums both in our country and abroad. It allows them to use the most modern and effective methods of dental treatment in their work.