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What problems can tooth implantation solve?

Single tooth missing. In this case there is no need to remove the neighbor teeth nerves and turn-process these neighbor teeth for tooth crown attachment
A few teeth missing in a row. Tooth implantation provides a possibility to place a stationary dental prosthesis instead of a removable dental prosthesis.
All teeth missing

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Tooth Implantation History

In 1965 professor Ingvar Branemark was a head of research group at the University of Goteborg (Sweden) and his studies finally resulted in osteo-integration discovery (titanium prosthesis integration into tissue). Branemarks researches were aimed at jaw bone healing and regeneration after injury. The most remarkable thing about this is that osteo-integration phenomenon was discovered accidentally.

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Dentium World Simposium 2012

International Implant Symposium held in Moscow at the State Concert Hall "Russia" on September 15-16, 2012 was one of the most exciting and memorable events of recent years. It was supported by the Russian Dental Association and the Russian Association of Dental Implantology. More than 3,000 professionals from 38 countries participated in this event.



"For me this symposium is very important. This is the first time we have brought together more than two thousand implantologists. And, of course, the credit for this event is due to the "" company which took the liberty and responsibility to carry out such a great job," says Vladimir Wagner, president of the Russian Dental Association.



Leading Russian doctors and "stars" of world implantology became lecturers and leaders of master classes at the Symposium. Reports were presented by experts from all around the world: professor Dennis P. Tarnow, professor Myron Nevins, professor Jaime Lozada (USA), professor Faud Kuri (Germany), professor Bernard Touati (France), professor Federico Fernandez Alfaro (Spain).









"It's not the first year I've been closely following all the news from Dentium, and after seeing the booklet with the names of speakers I immediately realized that this fall I would be coming to Moscow," says one of the guests of the symposium, the owner of a dental clinic in Los Angeles.



The event was organized by Dentium, Ltd (South Korea) and "" (Russia), but the main initiator of the symposium Dentium World 2012" in Moscow was "" in the name of its leader Kirill Vadimovich Chudinov.


"The whole idea was born in the spring of 2011 at the Dentium Symposium in Seoul," says Kirill Chudinov. "Then I suggested Professor Chung to organize the autumn 2012 symposium in Moscow in a new format. We set a goal that seemed unattainable: to gather in one place the best of the best, those professionals whose authority in the world of implantology is not in question, and to bring in the Symposium at least 3000 doctors from different countries."


And this goal has been brilliantly brought to life thanks to the enthusiasm and professionalism of the "" team.


High interest to DENTIUM symposiums from American experts and doctors from the Southern Asian region didn't become a surprise for us, says a representative of  Dentium symposiums managed to deserve reputation of the platform which brings together the most authoritative representatives of the world of modern implantology. But we believe that our main achievement was active participation of Russian dentists. Today there are members from all over Russia in this hall, and this means that we can see the practical result of years of work of promoting techniques of implant prosthetics. "


"The symposium provided an opportunity for Russian experts to communicate with a brilliant group of lecturers, says Vladimir Wagner, president of the Russian Dental Association. More recently this possibility seemed very elusive for many of our doctors, but today they can sit in this hall, listen to unique reports and ask questions," says Vladimir Davidovich.


Another important feature of the Moscow symposium is that it was free to attend for young professionals. "We are very glad that the event was attended by many students who want to understand the essence of this work", says Professor Rinat Saliev (Russia). "I am very pleased that the organizers gave students the opportunity to participate in the symposium on special conditions. This is a very important event, and it was very interesting to learn about new technologies, to work with the most modern equipment, to take part in master classes for sinus lift and bone grafting and to communicate with future colleagues from other regions,"  says student of the Kazan Medical University Olga Fateeva.



Now we will tell in detail about the most important component - the brilliant scientific program of the symposium. Performances were in English with excellent interpretation and simultaneous translation on three video projection screens in the lecture hall. Lecturers, world-class experts, "stars" of modern implantology made authors' presentations. Clinical examples and practices were also broadcast on the big screens of the lecture hall. Listeners were given a unique opportunity to listen to lectures of seven world-famous foreign professors of implantology on the most current and popular topics!



Symposium Program


Guests of the largest international Dentium symposium also had an opportunity to participate in master classes in implantology, listen to personal lectures of Russian doctors and professors from leading universities of Russia, watch online broadcast of bone grafting and orthopedic operations on implants in real time and get acquainted with different samples of Dentium products at the exhibition organized as part of the Symposium. Upon completion all the guests were invited to a gala dinner that was summed up by a lottery and prizes given to the participants.



Undoubtedly, the unique knowledge and materials accumulated at the symposium will be included in training programs of the International Training Centre " (7-495-649-07-57; This means that professionals that were not present at the symposium will be able to get a truly unique knowledge and invaluable experience of "home delivery" in the framework of seminars and webinars in the future. Today curriculum of ITC "" includes a wide range of the most popular and relevant topics, ranging from simple surgical and prosthetic protocols to legal and financial intricacies of organization of a dental clinic. Soon the school "menu" will offer new authors' courses and workshops based on experience of world-class professionals. The mission of "" is that qualitative implantation should be accessible to many people regardless of their income or region of residence.


"These workshops help us to communicate and share experiences in order to further assist physicians to tend to their patients at the highest level," says Dr. Sung-Min Chung, South Korea.